urbanrecall 4


March 11-14, 2020


The Chocolate Museum / COLLUMINA Light Art Project, Cologne, Germany

Audiovisual live performance, installation, 120 mins

8 channel audio
4 channel video/light projection

The 4th  urbanrecall took place on the occasion of the second edition of the COLLUMINA light art project in Cologne. COLLUMINA was not a typical light art festival, where light as an aesthetic element beautifies the urban space. Rather, it was a project that made it possible to address and intervene in social issues in urban space.

Since the fourth edition, poet and journalist Shabnam Azar has joined urbanrecall as a collaborator. Her poems was part of the installation and she read it during her performance. They call for freedom, using many different metaphors, such as words from nature for freedom and architectural constructions against freedom.

It was her first meeting with Nana Tazuke-Steiniger, who was active in the COLLUMINA organization.

The Chocolate Museum Cologne is located on the river Rheine, on the top of the Rheinauhafen. The architecture, designed by the architectural firm Fritz Eller (Eller + Eller Architekten), is unique and has a shape like a ship. It was initiated and opened in 1993 by German chocolate maker and entrepreneur Hans Imhoff of Cologne to make people happy with chocolate. The associated Imhoff Foundation was established in 2000 to support creative, artistic and educational programs after Hans Imhoff sold his Stollwerck Group, which he had run since 1972.


Poetry by Shabnam Azar


I am suspicious of my memory it only recollects the...

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