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urbanrecall is an experimental project based on research and practice, which first presented its first audiovisual results in 2018.

It is a reflection on the phenomena of the urban environment, its flow, resonance, vibration and information chaos, each of which determines the forms and architecture of our lives.

urbanrecall questions the methods of the transformation of the urban environment and the way we perceive it as individuals or as a collective; the vibrations of every phenomenon in every scale and their impact and interaction with other particulates is our focus of research and investigation.

We create concepts, audio-visual forensic materials of this very environment and transform these into serial immersive site-specific performances.

urbanrecall is a multi-layered attempt to explore the complexity of human perception of the urban world through audible frequencies and the visible spectrum. Observation and experience are essential in the context of urban life, which we perceive with the help of various sensory systems. We do not intend to be limited by stereotypical assumptions from cultural anthropology, cognitive science or cybernetics, which have strongly influenced the urban environment. Rather, we are interested in an encounter that deals with the intensity and interaction of matter and the mediality.

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Navid Razavi is a graduate transdisciplinary media artist from Cologne.

At the intersection of AV media, XR and transmedia narrative strategies, he develops artistic projects with a particular focus on site-specific immersion and interactivity.

In various media art disciplines and international collaborations, Navid works with experimental approaches of generative art, video and sound art.

In his work, Navid deconstructs colonialist metanarratives to synthesize them in hybrids of audiovisual performances and interactive installations.

Ali Chakav is an interdisciplinary media artist and sound performer, born in Tehran 1984, living in Cologne and London. He initially studied visual art at the AZAD University in Iran, then he graduated his Diploma with a focus on sound and urban auditory culture at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne-Germany. His works concentrate on artistic investigations into the echoic collective memory in indistinguishable layers in the environment. Over the past years, he presented his works in solo and group form, at various galleries, museums, concert spaces and festivals, including Schnütchen Museum Köln, Kunstmuseum Celle, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, PACT Zollverein in Essen, Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin, Open Source Festival in Düsseldorf, Landesvertretung NRW at the European Union in Brussels, European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück and Galerie Royal in München.   
Joel Jaffe is a graduate interdisciplinary media artist, composer, sound engineer, sound designer and music producer with a current focus on audiovisual, spatial systems for performance and installation. 

His work deals with the intersections of composition and improvisation, generative and documentary processes, as well as the Development of reactive audiovisual synthesizers. In 2019, Joel Jaffe opened the Sonic Scenography Lab, a studio for audiovisual media art. 


Nana Tazuke-Steiniger (b. 1992, Kyoto) studied Art History and Aesthetics at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan; graduated in 2019 with a Master in Art History at the University of Cologne; from 2020 to 2022 she worked as researcher and curator at Museum Ludwig in Cologne. She is currently PhD candidate at WWU Münster.

Her research focuses on relationships between art and societies and effects as well as reception of art in social spaces. In recent years, she has also been concerned with the issue of accessibility of artworks. She has published several art historical texts for exhibition catalogues and has been involved in several exhibitions so far: including PARASOPHIA (2015), KYOTOGRAPHIE (2015), COLLUMINA (2018/2020), HERE AND NOW at Museum Ludwig: together for and against it (2021), ISAMU NOGUCHI (2022).